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Healing Experiences – Recommended Products & Healing Gifts

At the Qi Garden, we believe that Stress can be significant inhibitor to wellness, but that it can be addressed and healed in a variety of ways.  We hope you will find something in these products that works for you where you can continue your Healing Experiences when you are not in the Qi Garden.

Most of these selections are transacted through our trusted partner, – so you can be assured that your personal and financial information is safeguarded by one of the largest online retailers in the world.  Happy shopping!

Also, if you are interested, click here to see products to heal stress in the broad category of Alternative Medicine

Heal Stress Through Meditation

Heal Stress Through Light and Color

Heal Stress Through Salt

Heal Stress Through Nutrition

One of the best ways to ensure wellness and strengthen your healing experiences is to ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs to function well.  Qi Garden staff have personal experience with, and recommend Ortho Molecular products to help fulfill your vitamin and supplement needs.  Of course, as we are not a licensed healthcare provider, we always recommend consulting your physician or health practitioner prior to beginning any supplement regimen.

Heal Stress Through Tea

Heal Stress Through Exercise

Exercise is a obviously a key part of your overall wellness path, and we hope you find accessories that support you on your exercise journey here.

Heal Stress Through Massage and Gentle Motion

Massage and motion are key to a well balanced body and mind.  Here are some of our recommended products to help your muscles and nerves find their path to rest.

Heal Stress For Kids

Books and Other Products for Coping With and Healing Stress

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