What are Salt Events?

Salt Therapy does not need to be a sedentary experience. ┬áThe Qi Garden holds several different types of events within the Salt Garden to increase both the benefits and enjoyment of sessions. ┬áThe Salt Garden is also available for Private Bookings for groups as a unique option for businesses, families, students and teachers, children’s groups and many other types of small groups to experience together.

Salt Qigong

Qigong (Tai Chi) in the Salt Garden's rich environment.

Perfect For Renewing Your Breath

Join us in a wonderful combination of a healing activity and healing environment.

Salt Yoga

Yoga classes in the Salt Garden.

Yoga & Salt Together

Come and see what Yoga feels like in the Garden.

Salt Drum Classes

Experience drumming in a unique and exciting way.

Rhythms of Salt

Let your rhythmic spirit flow.

Couples Sessions

Special times reserved for couples in the Salt Garden.

Healing Together

Our Couples Event is specially reserved for couples to help support and empower each other to heal and restore.

Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy
Salt TherapyA New Way To Spa
We Look Forward to Seeing You at Our Qi Garden Salt Spa Events!


  • Student Study Night at the Qi Garden.
  • Meditation Group
  • Book Group Events
  • Childrens’ Field Trip
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The Qi Garden Salt Spa makes it easy to experience A New Way to Spa.

Our services, environment and caring staff give you the power you need to rest, relax and heal yourself.

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