Qi Garden’s Restore Room

At the Qi Garden, we believe in a holistic approach to healing . . . one that considers the entire body rather than just one area (such as the lungs).  This approach provides the body with a better overall ‘balance’ which provides healthier results.  In Eastern traditions, when the lungs are showing weakness or signs of problems, it may be a result of a weakness in the immune system, poor gut/absorption, or organs not “communicating” appropriately with one another. This can result in sluggish lymph and blood flow, make us prone to depression and anxiety, leave us unable to focus or achieve mental clarity and produce muscle and joint pain.  Such effects can have dire consequences leading to debilitating lifestyles and serious illness.

The Qi Garden staff has performed research on many natural treatments that can bring effective relief for those suffering with any of the side effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, chronic illness, over-production of the adrenal glands (STRESS!), lack of sleep, poor diet, inactivity and lack of passion or desire for the zest in life.

The Qi Garden Restore Room offers four different therapies in a single room where you can take the time to listen to your body and provide it what it needs to  heal from the inside.

Chi Balancer

FDA approved medical device that oxygenates, tones and strengthens the body.

Get Your Body Moving

Increases energy and metabolism, enhances lymphatic drainage and gently stretches the spine while deepening relaxation of your entire body.

Light Therapy

Relieve feelings of sadness or depression or the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Lift Your Spirits

. . . using our 10,000 Lux Light Box while you read or enjoy the beautiful Restore Room with outdoor view.


Improve brain and body balance, coordination and mood.

Drift into Complete Relaxation

. . . while you ‘float’ on a specially designed table that rocks your body gently as lighted glasses calm your mind.

Reflex Energizer

Relieve muscle tension, increase circulation, aid neuropathy and relieve pain.

Enjoy a Full Body Experience

. . . simply through your feet with our Reflex Energizer foot massager.


Qi Garden Restore Room

      • Bring your body and mind into balance.
      • Heal and restore naturally.
      • Continue on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.
      • Rest and Relax.
      • Increase the strength of your immune system.

What Client’s Say

Tell us what you think and we will post your testimonial here!
You, Wisconsin
Tell us what you think and we will post your testimonial here!
You, Wisconsin
Tell us what you think and we will post your testimonial here!
You, Wisconsin