What is NeuroMotion?

NeuroMotion Therapy is a supra-sensorial experience like none other. Our NeuroMotion Lounger combines multisensory effects of synchronized light, sound, vibration, and motion to create a pattern of interruption which pulls us out of our non-productive, habitual looping process. By calming the brain and nervous system into a state of homeostasis, the NeuroMotion system breaks through the brain’s old filters, allowing new thought patterns to form. Basically, NeuroMotion simply “Relaxes and Releases” the brain into more healthy and adaptive patterns.


NeuroMotion Treatment

NeuroMotion Treatment
NeuroMotion Treatment
Try NeuroMotion Treatment in the Qi Garden Restore Room.


  • Enhances Mental Clarity
  • Decreases Anxiety
  • Re-connects Mind Body
  • Decreases Effects of Depression
  • Relieves Physical and Emotional Pain
  • Stabilizes Mood
  • Improves Restorative Sleep

Throughout our lifetime, there is an elaborate interplay between the brain and body, sensation, and movement. It is movement that integrates information and experiences from our brains and bodies into our neural networks. Because motion helps remove the biochemistry of stress, it holds the potential for helping us discover new strategies for achieving personal excellence, thereby optimizing performance and learning. Like meditation, motion allows the body time to remove excess steroids such as cortisol and adrenaline, both of which are now recognized to have long-term detrimental effects. Besides all the ‘scientific’ reasons, it simply feels good. One of our guests said it felt as if she was “being gently rocked in the hand of God”. It feels ‘beautifully peaceful’ and simply makes you feel happy.

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